Who are we?

Gummy is a group of individuals that strive to provide top quality IT services to individuals and businesses. All our products are of the highest quality at the most reasonable price. We have a broad range of suppliers and products but only focus on the best.

One of the services we provide that our client’s value greatly is that we try to avoid you having to deal with call centers e.g. Telkom. Making sure that you don’t end up spending the whole day on hold.

We focus on keeping business enjoyable, easy, free and simple. We keep to products that we understand and know well. One of the biggest problems in IT is that people make it too complicated for the everyday individual to understand. Should our clients require a service we do not supply we do still try to source the best possible provider for that product.

We like to be the first point of contact for any IT related query and strive to build our clients’ faith and trust in us.